New Sport TrucksAre you looking to customize your truck with the latest truck accessories? Let us introduce you to the world of bed liners, covers, interior gauges, and the hundreds of ways to make a statement with your truck!

Ever wondered when and where the sport truck industry came from? Read the history of sport trucks. Ever confused by the terms used to describe trucks? Our quick guide to understanding truck specs shines light into the dark places under a truck’s hood.

Whether it’s adding stylish chrome rims, lowering the frame, or rehauling the interior, the phenomenon of customizing pick-up trucks to turn them into sport trucks is here to stay. These sports trucks, tricked out factory truck models, combine the muscular power of a pick-up truck with the flashy pizzazz of a sports car.

A sport truck is made when an enterprising truck owner takes a factory pick-up truck and completely customizes it. The most popular modifications are lowering to truck to where the frame is mere inches from the ground, or going the opposite direction and jacking it up a foot into the air and adding massive tires. The exteriors are usually also painted in a distinct, vibrant way, with wild color schemes and creative decals. These trucks are all glitz and glamor, like green on a hybrid suv.

The interior of a sport truck is often just as flashy as the exterior, with plush furniture, video screens, and state of the art sound equipment. Think of a luxury sports car, a heavy-duty pick-up truck and a stretch limousine combined into one audacious, flamboyant ride. And with so many customizable parts and kits, the options are limitless for the intrepid truck owner. While most people think of trucks as dull or utilitarian, sport truck owners turn those conventions on their heads. These are trucks to see and be seen in, a perfect marriage of  colorful style and powerful machine. It’s like Christmas every day!

If you drive a sport truck now, tell us more about it . Some of the sportiest models on the roads today are from the late 1980’s and they are getting difficult to find (in good shape).