Americans love their pickup trucks so much that drivers often customize them to make them unique. Although the term “sport truck” defies a precise definition, it usually refers to a truck that’s been modified to enhance its handling and performance. Appearance goes hand-in-hand with these changes and sport trucks serve as a canvas for their owners’ creativity. Sport truck accessories are a huge business. All sorts of extras are available to enhance both exterior and interior designs.

Exterior Accessories
Since pickups consist of a bed and a cab, tonneau covers, truck caps, custom hoods, and bed liners make for popular additions. Practically, they serve as ways to protect both your truck and what you haul, but there’s no reason they can’t also help create the look you want. The covers may be soft or hard, hand-snapped or electronically retracted, black, or a wild color or design.

Another popular change is to the vehicle’s suspension. Off-roaders often buy huge tires and raise the truck to new heights. Another option is a suspension lift kit or a leveling kit. At the opposite end of the spectrum are those who lower their rides so they can barely clear a railroad crossing. The old saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” definitely applies when it comes to sport trucks and you’ll see as many variations in appearance as there are drivers.

Other outside accessories include wheels, light assemblies, hitch covers, receiver hitches, door handles, tail pipes, mufflers, roll bars, step bars, side rails, fender flares and grills. In the grill category alone, you’ll find numerous ways to make a statement about your personality. Maybe you want to project a bold or classical style. Sport truck owners can purchase kits for easy installation or have someone build them a really unique model.

Interior Accessories
On the inside of the truck, you can spruce up the cab with specialty floor mats or carpets, custom seat covers, dash inserts, and specialty faces for the gauges. With so many colors and materials available, a sport truck driver can create a beautiful, comfortable cab to suit any budget.

Where to Find Sport Truck Accessories
You can find numerous websites with articles, picture galleries, and how-to instructions for tricking out your sport pickup. With so many blogs and message boards for sports truck enthusiasts, the Internet is a great place to fuel your imagination and get tips on what to buy and where.

Magazines are another source for finding ideas about designs and installation. Check your newsstands or library catalog for specialty sport truck publications and sport truck articles in automobile editions.