Chevrolet 454SS

In 1990 Chevrolet introduced a modified version of the Chevy C-1500 called the 454 SS. (These trucks were built for power around a 7.4 liter V-8 engine.) Chevy continued to manufacture the truck through 1993.

The Chevy 454 SS was a limited production vehicle and qualifies as a collector’s edition since it is no longer in production. The earliest may be the least coveted by those looking for one to buy. That’s because they were not as powerful as later editions and came only in black. (Later models were also produced in “Summit White” and “Victory Red”.

Chevrolet built the 454 SS pick-up truck from 1990 to 1993. A total of 16,953 units were produced. All units were built in the Chevy plant in Fort Wayne, IN.

Seating: The 454 SS had a standard cab designed to seat 2 people (maybe 3 in a pinch).

Gas Mileage: 10 MPG city, 11 MPG highway. Did we mention that it was a half-ton pickup with a V-8?

Safety Rating: No information available.

Price: In 1990 a loaded Chevy 454 SS pickup sold for $18,000 and up. The price increased by about $1,000 in 1991 and in the final model year, which was 1993, they started at $21,240. Today, the 454 SS ranges in price from $10,000 to $30,000, depending on wear and tear and mileage. It’s possible to find models in mint condition as some collectors stored them in anticipation of resale prices climbing higher.

Reviews at a Glance
The Dallas Morning News published a review of the 454SS titled “High-power truck promises more thrills than it delivers” in April of 1990. (Note: you’ll need to shell out nearly $3 to read that review — we couldn’t find a free version anywhere.) However, in contrast to the headline, the review is largely positive. Although the paper described the 454SS’ three-speed transmission as a “major disappointment”, it concluded that the truck was “fun to drive” and the “toughest thing this side of Darth Vader”.

The auto editors of Consumer Guide published this review of the 1990-1991 454SS.